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The Kent Cricket Club is a not for profit organisation registered as a Private Company Limited by guarantee in accordance with SIERRA LEONE COMPANIES ACT NO. 5 OF 2009. The Club is based in Sierra Leone and was set up with the intention of using the game of cricket to give young people hope and focus, in overcoming the challenges they faced as a result of war and conflict. Since the creation of the KCC, they have achieved some amazing results, delivering some tremendous outcomes in their communities. 

The club is an affiliate member of the Sierra Leone Cricket Association (SLCA), a member of the International Cricket Council (ICC). Sierra Leone is an emerging cricketing nation in Africa and an integral part of the development and tournament structure overseen by ICC Africa.

The main aim of the Kent Cricket Club Sierra Leone is to engage young people from a range of backgrounds in areas affected by disaster, youth crime and anti-social behavior. Many of the young people KCC has bought under its wing face an uncertain future and cricket has given them support, friendship, purpose and hope. 

The club’s mission is to use the game of cricket to keep young people productively active, as they overcome the challenges they have faced during recent periods of crisis in Sierra Leone (e.g., war, Ebola epidemic, mudslide and flooding). The development programmes contribute to the provision of a well-rounded education.  

In some cases, the club's contributes to rehabilitation, by providing relief for challenges young people face in areas affected by disasters, youth crime and anti-social behaviour. Young people involved in KCC programmes learn to channel their energy and enthusiasm in exercise, fair play, teamwork and friendly.

The Kent Cricket Club has touched and changed the lives of many young people in Sierra Leone as a result of the work they do through honesty, Faith in God, dedication and teamwork. The club is blessed with a strong leadership team who leads by example.


The club’s mission is to develop the game at grassroots, educate and raise awareness.



The club’s vision is to make the game accessible and increase the number of participation.

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