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Kent Cricket Club continues to give boys and girls the opportunity to  compete against each other.  In 2013, after an intensive grassroots training program, 72 children (boys and girls) took part in an U-12 Cricket Championship sponsored by Onlime (formerly Limeline). In 2014 and 2015 the tournament was postponed because of the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone. 

Report of Onlime (formerly Limeline) U-12 Cricket Championship2013

The 6th-14th September 2013, the Kent Cricket Club hosted the Limeline U-12 Cricket Championship  at the St. Edwards Secondary School and Prince of Wales Secondary School playgrounds in Freetown for both boys and girls. Before the start of the tournament, Lineline presents a cheque of 9million Leones to the Kent Cricket Club as sponsorship for the competition.

There were 18 matches in three venues and matches were played between six teams, all six teams were named after individuals who have supported the development of cricket in Sierra Leone. The names of the team are as follows: Mark Demos, Stuart Bentham, Martin Michael, Abdul Tejan-Cole, Darren Talbot and Peter Wellings

“Pairs cricket” format was selected for the Limeline U-12 Cricket Championships, to ensure that every single child would get a full cricket experience. The Kent Cricket Club is committed to cricket for all, and have been delighted to see the passionate approach from this group of children.

The Managing Director of Limeline, Foday Sankoh opened the competition at the St Edwards Secondary School in Kingtom on Friday September 6th 2013. The open ceremony was colorful with all the six teams’ comprises of 72 players including boys and girls, officials and cricket lovers all in attendance. Before declaring the competition opened Foday Sankoh said the competition is to give opportunity to the younger ones to play cricket that is why Limeline decided to come on board”.

“He adviced the children to put up good discipline and also advice them to take their educational work very serious. He also stated that he was moved with the turn out of the young players who are the future players of the country” Mr. Sankoh said

The trophies and medals for the Limeline U-12 Cricket Championship were provided by Twenty20 Cricket Company in UK and shipped from the UK courtesy of the chairman of ‘A Call to Business Group’, Paul Szkiler who bore the cost.


The following trophies were awarded to individual players for outstanding performances:

  1. Best Fielder: Raymond Coker (Boy) from Team Mark Demos

  2. Best Bowler: Ibrahim Kpaka (Boy) from Team Abdul Tejan-Cole

  3. Best Batsman:  Edmond Ernest (Boy) from Team Darren Talbot

  4. Leading Wicket Taker Raymond Coker (Boy) from Team Mark Demos

  5. Leading runs scorer: Sylvester Kamara (Boy) from Team Mark Demos

  6. Best Team Player: Fatu Pessima (Girl) from Team Mark Demos

  7. Spirit of Cricket: MBalu Barrie (Girl) from Team Mark Demos.

  8. Player of the tournament: Sylvester Kamara (Boy) from Team Mark Demos

The Guest of Honour was Stalin Frazer former Sierra Leone’s National Cricketer and also one of the few sport men that have received the Order of the Rokel Award from His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

Highlight of the final day of the Limeline U-12 Cricket Championship 2013


The final day was great as lot of excellent performances were displayed by the kids; Team Mark Demos beat Team Martin Michael at the final by 18runs to be crowned the champions. Team Mark demos batted first and scored 236 runs in 16 overs whiles Martin Michael replied with 218 runs in 16overs. Stuart Bentham beat Abdul Tejan Cole to win the Bronze medals, in that match, Stuart Bentham batted first and scored 164runs in 8 overs whiles Abdul Tejan Cole replied 143 runs. Stuart Bentham won by 17runs.

After the conclusion of the tournament, KCC presents report to Limeline. Presenting the full report, the Chief Executive Officer of the Kent Cricket Club Emmanuel Pessima said “Limeline being a premier sponsor of the tournament, it is an obligation for us to present a full report for them to know how their money was spent and also how the game was played, as a club we are transparent and that is why we have presented the full report.”

Receiving the report, the Chairman of Limeline Sierra Leone’s premier internet service provider Stuart Bentham said he is happy for the report and thanked the KCC for a work well done to organize the competition for the youths who are future cricket players. “He stated that what they have seen they will always be ready to sponsor Kent Cricket club for the good of the game”.

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