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Cricket Foundation Coming Soon

Kent Cricket Club has announced that they are working on a new project which is to set up a Cricket Foundation in Sierra Leone. The goal will be to get more people playing cricket and create positive impact on the lives of young people living in Sierra Leone. The Foundation will manage all charitable activity, coaching in schools and communities and undertake various fundraising activities to sustain the project. 


Cricket as a vehicle for Change

Following the August 14th 2017 mudslide and flooding that killed more than 1,000 people in Sierra Leone's capital Freetown. One of the country's worst natural disasters killed over 400 children. The Kent Cricket Club (KCC) on Saturday 16th September 2017 donated schooling materials and other things to Children at Regent and Mortormeh, who are temporarily camped at Old Skool Hill Station.
The donation targeted children within the 0-10 years bracket with school items, foodstuffs, toiletries, wheelchairs and clothes. (see


In total the donation summed up to 2,460 items meant for 50 children, but it was a surprise to see that over 150 children benefitted from the gift.  It was through the generosity of Friends of KCC who donated to our Gofundme account that made the donation successful.  Thanks to these amazing Cricket friends for coming together to support us during hard times. Thanks Tina-Marie Shaw, Sandra Ibarra,Tamara J Lowe, Nick Morrison, Rob Wilson Ross Richardson, Matt Jones, Mark Barrow, Hugh Bailey, Andrew Kitters Schou, Tony Aylward, Giles Falconer, Barbara Buxton, Peter Burrows, Peter Worth, Aaron Dragwidge, George Kennedy, Debbie Knight, David Harwood, Jennie Harwood, Darren Talbot, Martin Shaw,  Sam Stevenson, Neil Bunting and Haidee Allen.

During the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone, all sporting activities were suspended. In response to this, KCC redefined its purpose, and engaged in service to educate communities about threats and prevention of the deadly virus.


In support of KCC’s Ebola service project, Jamie Clifford, the Chief Executive Officer of Kent County Cricket Club in UK, wrote a letter to the British Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon David Cameron, asking the British government to increase the already significant support to Sierra Leone in the fight to end the epidemic (see The efforts of KCC were acknowledged by the British Prime Minister (see 

Please see pictures below. 

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