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Kent Cricket Club has made a donation of equipment and playing shirts to the Sierra Leone Correctional Service Women's Cricket Team, ahead of the Sierra Leone Women's T20 League. The donated equipment included bats, batting pads, batting gloves, wicket-keeping pads, wicket-keeping gloves, and helmets.

Joseph Pessima, Head Coach & Team Operations Manager, Kent Cricket Club, presented the items to the Sierra Leone Correctional Service Team on behalf of his club. Making the presentation, Joseph said, "What we are doing through this, is to provide opportunities and encourage more girls and women to play cricket. As a cricket club, we will continue to extend our support to other clubs in the country whenever we have more equipment available with us".

"Many thanks to Australian philanthropist Mike Pawley of Manly Warringah District Cricket Club, who made this donation possible through his donation of equipment and clothing to us early this year"-Joseph concluded.

Commenting on the donation made by Kent Cricket Club, Dennis D. Harman, Director of Human Resources at the Sierra Leone Correctional Service explained “we are truly grateful for the generosity shown by Kent Cricket Club and our women's team will put the equipment and playing shirts to use when we compete in the Women's T20 League.

Assistant Superintendent at the Sierra Leone Correctional Service and Head of the Cricket Team, Elizabeth French said “The equipment that Kent Cricket Club has provided us will go a long way in driving participation and will help us to unlock the talents that many of our young people already have.”

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