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Kent receives donation of equipment from Tilford Cricket Club

Kent Cricket Club Sierra Leone has received equipment donations from Tilford Cricket Club in the UK. The equipment includes, among other items, bats, pads, batting gloves, wicketkeeping gloves, helmets, footwear, clothing, tennis balls, leather balls and thigh pads.

Speaking while handing over the equipment to Kent Cricket Club, Sierra Leone, John Hunt, from Tilford Cricket Club in the UK, said; "I have been very impressed by the work that Kent Cricket Club, Emmanuel Pessima and his brother Joseph Pessima, have been doing to promote cricket in Sierra Leone, and in particular the encouragement of younger players to participate in cricket, both boys and girls. I spoke to my colleagues at Tilford CC and they responded with donations for the collection of equipment, for me to bring back from the UK".

"From what I have witnessed thus far, Kent CC has a very dedicated team on their management board, who are clearly committed to driving the continued development of the club and encouraging youth cricket to flourish".

John Hunt further said; “Apart from hopefully witnessing the Kent CC progressing and developing in the future, we do not expect to gain anything directly – it is cricket in general that is the beneficiary. Tilford CC will be keen to hear about progress being made".

"I am sure that I will continue to be involved in some way or the other with Kent CC, and we will hopefully be able to bring additional equipment back to Freetown in August. I hope to play some cricket too - I heard that there was talk of an over 50s side being assembled, which sounds perfect for me". "Thanks to the whole Tilford Cricket Club, for contributing in a positive and generous manner – they are happy to be playing a small part in the support of Kent CC", Hunt concluded.

Emmanuel Pessima, Chief Executive Officer, Kent Cricket Club Sierra Leone, said; “On behalf of the entire team, I would like to thank John Hunt and everyone at Tilford Cricket Club for helping us make a positive difference in Sierra Leone. Your support encourages our continued commitment to reach more young people."

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