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Indian owned Company wins Beach Cricket Festival

The British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone with the champions Safari Ltd

Safari Company Limited an Indian owned company based in Sierra Leone has won the inaugural Beach Cricket Festival hosted by Kent Cricket Club (KCC) in partnership with the Sierra Leone Cricket Association (SLCA) at the Place Resort, Tokeh Beach on Sunday 25th February 2018. It was the first time ever for Beach Cricket competition to be held in Sierra Leone. Four teams participated; Safari Company Ltd, British High Commission/DFID, Sierra Leone 2009 U19 and Kent Cricket Club U17 team.

The event which attracted huge numbers of cricket followers who were eager to see beach cricket played in Sierra Leone for the first time, turned out to be successful. The colourful atmosphere, the beach scenery and the organizational structure of the competition were the reasons for the success of the event. Players from the participating teams thoroughly enjoyed the fun-filled entertainment competition which featured several national cricketers of Sierra Leone.

Cricket has always been a special sport to the British people who are ardent followers of the game. And it was based on that reason; the British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone Guy Warrington who played for the British High Commission/DFID team at the competition was in full attendance alongside the head of UKaid in Sierra Leone, Mary Hunt who also watched the matches. The British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone in action

At the end of the event, awards and medals were distributed to deserving players. Edward Ngegba of Safari Company Limited was awarded with Batsman of the tournament trophy for scoring the highest runs. Lansana Lamin of Safari received the best Bowler award after taking the highest wickets. John Hunt of British High Commission/DFID was awarded the Spirit of Cricket. Edward Ngegba of Safari Company Limited was awarded the Player of the tournament trophy for his outstanding performance in the competition. Whiles Safari Company Limited was presented with gold medals and trophy for winning the competition and the Sierra Leone 2009 U19 national team was awarded silver medals with trophies.

The Chief Executive Officer of Kent Cricket Club Emmanuel Pessima expresses thanks and appreciation to the participating teams and their sponsor Onlime for supporting their ideology of taking cricket to the people, using beach cricket as a means of popularizing the game in the country. “Many thanks to our partner’s in UK Kent County Cricket Club for providing the medals and trophies. Thanks to the Place Resort who did a fantastic job in proving us with the venue, including food. And finally, special thanks to the Chairman of the Sierra Leone Cricket Association, Beresford Bournes-Coker for his continued support”, he added. He also thanked Flick UK, Twenty20 Community Cricket UK and Life by Design for their unflinching support.

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