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1st Kent CC Junior Cricket Tournament Arrives!!!

A special occasion has arrived, that will hopefully mark a prosperous future for cricket in Sierra Leone. The Kent Cricket Club hosts the Lime Line U12’s Cricket Championship will begin on Friday 6th September 2013!

Limeline, one of the prominent Internet Service providers in Freetown, has generously sponsored this great new event. Their help will allow Sierra Leone Cricket to move forward, and provide more opportunities for children to play cricket!

T20 International wishes all the participants, and organizers, the very best of luck- for a smooth and enjoyable weekend of cricket!

The Programme

A group of excited children will be gathering, on the school fields of Prince of Wales and St Edwards, early on Friday morning.

Teams have been named after key individuals, who have made an extraordinary contribution to the Kent Cricket Club and it’s foundation.


  • Stuart Bentham

  • Darren Talbot

  • Martin Michael

  • Mark Demos

  • Abdul Tejan-Cole

  • Peter Wellings

Kent Cricket Club CEO, Emmanuel Pessima, is the brainchild of this tournament. He and his team of colleagues and volunteers will be ensuring the event runs smoothly. Emmanuel will also be reporting on the tournament, the matches and the general atmosphere.

This tournament will bring 72 children together, to play the first organized competition of this scale ever seen in Sierra Leone! Many of these kids will not have played a full match before, which is why the matches will be “pairs cricket” format. It is the hope of KCC, that not only some talented children will be identified, this will be the beginning of a passion for the game for many!

In addition, KCC will hold future development sessions, to build on this initial interest. The club are determined to catch the interest of the next generation.

Quotes from coach and the CEO:

Joseph Pessima- Junior Coach “I was lucky to be brought up in a community where cricket was not only played, but loved. With cricket being such a large part of my life I couldn’t think of a better way to remain involved in the sport…..and give back what I had been given as a youngster”.

Emmanuel Pessima- CEO: “After lots of planning, coming up to today, it has been worth it. It’s always good to put a smile on the faces of the kids”.

Tomorrow’s stories:

We will be paying close attention to the Kent Cricket Club, over the weekend. Here is a partial list of the topics we will be addressing: 1. News from the event- playing side, results and day 2 fixtures 2. Planning for the future- how do Emmanuel & co. plan to build upon success and publicity of this event?!

We hope you will take interest in the tournament, and give further support to a project with unlimited

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