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It will be a fantastic moment to be promoted”-James Bundu

The captain for Kent Cricket Club, James Bundu has said it will be a fantastic moment for them to be promoted to the premier league.

We have been playing some great cricket and it’s just about going out on Saturday 12th November 2016 and doing the same to see us be promoting them to the premier league has a club we have want it takes to do that. He describe that match as a decider that is why we are going to do everything possible to make sure win as a team we are focus and determined. According to Kent Coach Joseph Pessima he said they have got a really good season the whole team has been good with bats and balls and it would be great to gain promotion. He went further to appeal to fan of cricket to come to Prince of Wales grounds in the morning hours of Saturday 12th November to come and see cricket in his best as their opponent the Old Prince Walesa is a very good side they will be playing against.

(Photo: James Bundu, Captain)

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