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After successful summer school coaching —Kent Awards kids at American School

For excellent performance the Executive of Kent Cricket Club (KCC) and the authority of American international School have awarded certificates and two trophies to the kids who took part in the four weeks elite cricket training at the schools compound, Freetown.

In distributing the certificates and trophies the Coordinator of the Summer School, Edward Gembeh said that it was with a pleasure to say that the four weeks elite cricket training was successful and talents were spotted among them. With this he said the school authority in collaboration with KCC thought it fit to award certificates to all who participated in the four weeks elite training. Jerry J. M. Gbanek was awarded with a trophy as the Best Cricketer and Charlotte Monasch as the most promising Cricketer during the four weeks training at the school.

The trophy for the promising cricketer was donated by a promising fastest bowler in West Africa Solomon Williams. In another development Edward Gembeh pronounced that the training will continue in the next academic year as the game has brought more development among the pupils.

The Chief Executive Officer, Kent Cricket Club, Emmanuel Pessima commended the school authorities for allowing them to introduce cricket in the school. He said this way of taking the game to higher authorities both citizens’ foreigners in the country as their children are attending in the school. They went on that the pupils will draw their parents close to the game. They confirmed that there are lots of talents in the school. The award ceremony was attended by the parents of the pupils who participated in the training. The training will resume September 2014.

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