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Kent takes cricket to Kissy Police Primary School

Kent Cricket Club (KCC) on Friday, 6th June 2014, continued their under 12 Kids’ development programme, this time targeting under 12 kids of the Kissy Police Primary School (KPPS).

The KCC programme aims at introducing the game of Cricket and the Technical Team’s presence attracted a mix of over 70 boys and girls. The training started with rudimentary skills of the game including, catching, bowling and batting stands. The cricket recruits were introduced to the meaning of cricket, its principles and rules and regulations. The training which lasted for three and half hours ended with a donation by the KCC Technical Team of tennis balls and three bats to keep the interest of the kids afloat.

Kent Cricket Club, Chief Executive Officer, Emmanuel Pessima promised more training logistics in the future and assured that the training is an on-going one with hopes that the school will take part in this year’s Lime Line U-12 Pairs Cricket Tournament.

In their appreciation of the gesture, the Deputy Head Teacher of the school, Alice Songu said the training marks another milestone in the history of the school, being the first primary school in the country to start playing cricket. She said they are proud as a school to be part of such developments initiated by the KCC noting that the exercise has already made the school popular as it posted on the internet via facebook and the KCC website. Besides, she further noted, a number of media houses have already published stories of the training. She went on to acknowledge that the training will improve the psychomotor of the children that will ensure that their minds are set on learning.

The PHE Teacher in the school, Mohamed Alhassan Komoh also acknowledged that he too learnt a lot from the cricket training. He admitted that even in college, he only heard about the game but never set eyes on the equipment except at the KCC training. He agreed with the game’s principle of concentration, noting that it will indeed help a lot in classroom activities. The idea of going to the school came about when the PHE Teacher had a discussion with the KCC Chairman hinging on taking the game to the school, a proposal that was accepted in good fate.

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