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All smiles in Freetown- day 1’s plays at the Lime Line U-12s Cricket Championships.

Kent Cricket Club- of Freetown, Sierra Leone- have staged their first ever junior cricket tournament, the Lime Line Championship. And, judging by the atmosphere on the fields, and the reaction of the players, they can be incredibly proud of their achievements so far!!

A great day for Sierra Leone Cricket!

72 children, across six teams, have been richly entertained all day. They have been playing three games each against their peers, and had ample chance to show off their talents, express themselves, and improve in each discipline of cricket.

The pairs cricket format was selected for the Lime Line Championships, to ensure that every single child would get a full cricket experience. The KCC is committed to cricket for all, and have been delighted to see the passionate approach from this group of children.

As far as the matches go, all 9 today were very well competed….with the margin of victory rarely being more than 20 runs. Congratulations to the teams representing Stuart Bentham and Mark Demos, who won all three of their matches today! However, the other four teams made them work hard for it!!

The results are in. Scroll down below to see the scores!

Day one
Result for first set of matches

Abdul Tejan-Cole beat Peter Wellings by five (5) runs; Tejan Cole batted first and scored 135 whiles Peter Wellings replied with 130 runs. Stuart Bentham beat Darren Talbot by 39 runs; Stuart Bentham hated first and scored 170 runs whiles Darren Talbot replied with 131 runs. Mark Demos beat Martin Michael by 14 runs; Martin Michael batted first and scored 146 runs whiles Mark Demos replied with 160 runs.

Result for Second Matches

Mark Demos beat Darren Talbot by 24 runs; Darren Talbot batted first and scored 137 runs whiles Mark Demos replied with 161 runs. Martin Michael beat Peter Wellings by 16runs, Peter Wellings batted first and scored 148 runs whiles Martin Michael replied with 132 runs. Stuart Bentham beat Abdul Tejan-Cole by 6 runs; Stuart batted first and scored 135runs whiles Abdul Tejan-Cole replied with 129 runs.

Result for Third Matches

Martin Michael beat Darren Talbot by 2 runs, Darren Talbot batted first and scored 129runs and Martin Michael replied with 131runs. Mark Demos beat Abdul Tejan-Cole by 16runs, Mark batted first and scored 148runs and Abdul Tejan Cole replied with 132runs. Stuart Bentham beat Peter Wellings by 34 runs; Stuart Bentham batted first and scored 147 whiles Peter Wellings replied with 107 runs.

What’s in store next??

Each of the six teams will be playing two more fixtures tomorrow- after which their final positions will be decided. Everybody has a chance of making it to the play-off stage on day 3!

Sunday will see a 3rd and 4th Place Play-off, and also a Grand Final, to see who will be the 2013 Lime Line Cricket Champions.

Most importantly, the KCC will continue to mentor the children in the matches, and make sure they end the weekend with a positive impression of the game of cricket!

Support KCC!

Donate to KCC:

Kent Cricket Club is a voluntary club, that relies on the tireless work of many of their senior members. They greatly appreciate the help and assistance of all their benefactors. Notable contributions have come from Peter Wellings’ “Coaching Cricket Excellence” organization.

Keep track of KCC:

Kent Cricket Club post about all their activities, on their regularly updated Facebook Page. They will be delighted to accept you as a friend of their club, and hear from you!

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