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Mark Demos donates to KCC

United State of American based cricket coach and psychologist Mark Demos has donated cricket equipment to the Kent Cricket Club (KCC) in Sierra Leone. Amongst the equipments that were donated to the club includes bats, pads, gloves, balls, footwears and hats.

Mark Demos has been coaching cricket for over 30 years. He has coached in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Canada and USA at schools, clubs, and regional level. Mark is now focusing on coaching on the psychological/mental aspects of leadership, team building and personal high performance. He is the Creator and President of Life Scene Investigation in the United State of America (USA).

(Photo: Kent members with the equipment)

The donor Mark Demos said, “I want to be able to see people who love the game be able to enjoy the game more and perform better. I have lived in Africa and have seen amazing things happen when people who have had so little get just a small amount more. Africans are ingenious, they have the ability to take a little and make a lot out of it. I hope that this equipment will help to improve the game for some players. It is nothing great but in time I hope to be able to donate more to Sierra Leone”.

According to Mark, I knew nothing about cricket in Sierra Leone until I became friends with Emmanuel Pessima. He has sent me lot of information about cricket in Sierra Leone and I have been very impressed with his enthusiasm and commitment to develop cricket in Sierra Leone. I love cricket and cricket has given me so much. Whatever I can do to help I will do. Kent Cricket Club is very well organized, has great leadership and has a wonderful vision for developing cricket. Looking at their vision, I have every expectation that they will meet with great success. Keep working hard on your game and when others see you are serious in doing that, more sponsorship and help will come. Mark stressed.

"I would like to say many thanks to my friends Faisal Akhtar who was very helpful in collecting the kit". Says Mark.

The Chief Executive Officer of Kent Cricket Club (KCC), Emmanuel Pessima expressed his gladness about the donation, and informed Mark that the kits will be used for it intended purposes. This donation will really motivate us in our strive to develop cricket in Sierra Leone because and this has shown that people all over the world are recognizing what we are doing to develop cricket in Sierra Leone. I want to say thanks to Melonie Kastman and Sierra Rutile who helped us in shipping the kits to Sierra Leone.

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