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Kent Cricket Club on Grassroots Chase

Kent Cricket Club coach, Joseph Pessima has engaged over 30 children in a cricket coaching clinic.

The coach was driven by a passion to locate these children from the Broomfields community and teach them about the fundamentals of cricket, the children with consent from their parents received him with joyful hands as was well acknowledged by the parents themselves.

The coaching clinic started with an introductory session where they were informed about the game itself and how it is being played, the coach as well shed light on the benefits of the sport once one chooses it to be a profession.

Coach Pessima as well engage them on field drilling, as well as batting. The children were excited to have come across the sport and have a little taste of the game, with curiosity, they asked how frequent will Coach Pessima be engaging them as they don't want a short-term training session, and they promised the coach that if he gives them a helping hand with his training sessions, they will be willing to learn the game every day.

The children were as well given a discipline session, where they were told that the sport is a disciplined sport and that if they are to play it, they must be disciplined.

One of the major constraints from coach Joseph Pessima has to do with equipment, as he wanted to extend his coaching clinic to other communities but the equipment is not enough to support his dreams, he added that "if I have sufficient equipment, I will be engaging mass number and able to reach out to more children"

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