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Celebrating Women's day; Kent Cricket Club women's team speaks of how the club has been supportive

Ann Marie Kamara (women's team captain) “myself and my teammates have benefited a lot from Kent Cricket Club”

The Kent Cricket Club has been on the forefront of developing women’s cricket over the years, the club has been able to provide the necessary equipment like bats, gloves. Pad, balls etc. that have helped in developing players over the years. The Club has also been providing trainings on various aspects, our Coach, Joseph Pessima has been very much committed in ensuring he brings the best out of us. Kent Cricket club has been projecting women’s cricket over the years, as the club has been able to tap young talents and give a true meaning of their sportsmanship.

Fatu Pessima, the vice captain of the team also mentioned this; I do enjoy the facilities at Kent Cricket club, in terms of equipment, I can boast of a full kit that was given to me by the club, it is very difficult to own a pair of gloves here, but with the facilities and opportunities Kent has been giving to us, I can now boast of full kits. Not only myself but the rest of my teammates as well have kits given to them by the club. It is very rear to see this type of encouragement, especially when we can’t afford to buy these kits on our own.

Sarah also a player expressed her gratitude, saying; The club has been so supportive over the years in projecting women’s cricket. The coaches have been committed, the management is very much supportive and has been giving the necessary encouragement to us. “Since I have been part of Kent cricket club, I have never regretted it” The facilities are there, the kits showered on us, is like manner from heaven, the club has given us the best kits, on a match days, we will look amazing with our individual kits given to us by the club.

Emmanuel Pessima, the founder of Kent Cricket Club stated that the Kent cricket club has been part of women’s cricket since the inceptions women’s cricket in Sierra Leone. Kent has been able to produced female players that have grown and developed over the years that are now part of Sierra Leone women’s national cricket team and they play an integral part in the performance of the national women’s team.

Kent Cricket Club is a major club when it comes to women’s cricket in Sierra Leone, the club has successfully developed players; presently, most of the new set of young female cricketers that are looking forward in participating in the Under-19 women’s world cup Qualifier are from Kent Cricket Club. The club believe they will be a key part of the team.

When it comes to women’s cricket, Kent cricket Club has been very much supportive as it is one of the club’s top priority. The club has been able to provide educational support, social support, and financial support but to name few. Kent even go beyond the boundary line and support other women, like the mudslide that happened on August 14th 2017 in Sierra Leone, Kent supported so many women that were involved in that unfortunate incident.

Not only has the Kent Cricket Club been supportive to its players but the club has been able to give donation to other women’s team in ensuring we all play within the spirit of the game. The Club some years ago supported the Sierra Leone women’s national team with equipment and other gears. Kent Cricket Club has been a major partner when it comes to women’s cricket in Sierra Leone.


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