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Sunday 26th May 2019, Kent Cricket Club will be back in action as they take on the experience and capable Sierra Leone Police Cricket Club in the ongoing Mercury T20 Premier League with the match starting at 10am at the Prince of Wales Ground, Kingtom.

Sierra Leone Police Cricket Club holds a high prestige around Sierra Leone cricket as it is one of the oldest Cricket Club in the country and over the years has produced many international players and has a skill for developing fantastic young talent. The last two decades the Police have had the most amount of their own players in the national team. As one of the league favourites, they are currently second in the table having played eight matches, won six and loss two.

"Whatever the outcome of the match, Kent CC will look forward to continue to learn from each match in their pursue to build a solid team for the future"-says Kent Coach Joseph Pessima.

In the second match which is taking place at the same venue at 2pm, MidWest Cricket Club will face Asian Lions. This is expected to be a crucial match as the result will determine who will top the table at the end of the first round of the league.

This promises to be an exciting day of Cricket so it would be amazing to see some support, come to the Prince of Wales Cricket Ground to experience the sport first hand.

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