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Sunday 19th May, 2019, will see Kent Cricket Club play the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces Cricket Club in the Mercury T20 Premier League, with the game starting at 10am at the Prince of Wales Ground, Kingtom.

The match is expected to be very competitive as both teams are aiming to win in order to improve their current position in the table. The Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces Cricket Club have played four matches won three and loss one and they are 3rd in the table while Kent Cricket Club have played five matches, won three and loss two and are 5th in the table.

In the second match taking place at the same venue today, the Sierra Leone Police will play against last seasons defending champions the Asian Lions. This game is scheduled to begin at 1pm. This match is expected to be a very tough derby and a pinnacle for the quality of cricket within Sierra Leone.

All roads lead to the Prince of Wales Cricket Ground in Kingtom for an exciting day of cricket and it would be fantastic to see as many supporters as possible.

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