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Today, Wednesday 16th January 2019, Kent Cricket Club made a donation of equipment to the Prince of Wales School, Kingtom, Freetown. The Prince of Wales school holds a high prestige in Sierra Leone cricket as many national players and fantastic young talent has been nurtured during their time at the school. This donation comes as a part of Kent CC’s commitment to aiding the development of grassroots cricket within the country. This is the second donation Kent CC has made to the Prince of Wales School in recent time, therefore showing their full commitment to the fantastic work being done by the Sierra Leone Cricket Association (SLCA).

The equipment donated included batting pads, wicket keeping pad, wicket keeping gloves, batting gloves, cricket balls, tennis balls, bats, helmets and abdomen pads. Alongside this shirts and trousers were also donated to the school .

The items were presented to the school by Emmanuel Pessima, the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Kent Cricket Club, and went on to say that ‘last week the school team participated in the SLCA/Mercury Youth Cricket League, and the school was without playing jersey and equipment. It is embarrassing seeing the school team in such a situation. As a club, we have decided to donate this equipment as we have been doing before to many schools and we are proud to commit to extending our support to other schools in the country when we have more available equipment’.

Emmanuel continues that ‘As an Ex-student of the Prince of Wales School, I feel humbled that my Club is able to meet the needs of the school. I was a school boy at this school when I started playing for Sierra Leone at the International stage at the junior level. And I am proud to now be in a position where I can help the development of future players’.

Micheal Bundor, Principal, Prince of Wales School, said "It is good that we are getting support from a local cricket club as our school is providing our facilities to the Sierra Leone Cricket Association. We are grateful to the Kent Cricket Club as this donation came at the time when we are desperately in need, as a school we will ensure that more children are able to benefit from this donation as the equipment will be used for it intended purpose.

Isaac Lockett, Head of Junior Cricket, Kent Cricket Club stated ‘I am very proud of this club to be able to contribute to the development of young players and to be able to give kids the opportunity to pick up a bat and give the sport a go’. Mr Lockett who is new into the role of Head of Youth Cricket brings coaching experience from the United Kingdom and is very passionate about the development of youth players.

"We would like to thank our overseas partners, Kent County Cricket Club, Twenty20 Cricket Company, Tilford Cricket Club, Sydney Thunder, Children's Cricket Charity, Cobham Avorians Cricket Club and all the other organizations and individuals that have been supporting us as without their support we wouldn't have made this donation today" stressed Emmanuel.

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