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Kent and Tilford Strengthen Partnership

Tilford CC and Kent CC Sierra Leone– an exciting new partnership, bringing Surrey and Sierra Leone cricket closer together.

Whilst based in Freetown in December 2017, I was introduced to Emmanuel Pessima, CEO Kent CC, by Dr. Sahr Kpundeh, currently with the World Bank in South Sudan and previously captain of the Sierra Leone cricket team.

I had the opportunity to visit the cricket ground at The Prince of Wales school, Kingtom, Freetown where Kent CC and several other Freetown clubs play. I watched a game there with Penny Pryce and we had the opportunity to meet the Kent CC team and several of the committee members involved with Kent CC and the Sierra Leone Cricket Association.

The game was played with a great deal of spirit, commitment and enthusiasm. It was good to watch many of the club’s younger players given the opportunity to compete in a competitive and hard-fought match. ​

Penny and I were so impressed with the energy and drive demonstrated by the team and their CEO Emmanuel Pessima, we felt that we would like to contribute in some way, to support Kent CC.

Emmanuel organized a beach cricket tournament in March 2018 and DFID and the British High Commission entered a team – with moderate success. The tournament concluded with the tide coming in! I was able to present Kent CC with a variety of cricket equipment kindly donated by Tilford CC members and supporters. This included several bats that have now been scoring hundreds around Sierra Leone.

​We have most recently (July 2018), raised funds at the Tilford CC memorial cricket day, to support the purchase of new match kit (clothing) for Kent CC. The clothing will feature the Tilford CC logo, a very kind gesture from Kent CC and an endorsement of the continuing support and friendship between our two clubs. Tilford will continue to send donated cricket kit to Sierra Leone, please keep the donations coming, this is a worthy and appreciative team.

This story was written by John Hunt and first Posted on the Tilford CC website by Phil Knight on 2018/08/23

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