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Kent Cricket Club donates to child victims!

The Kent Cricket Club (KCC) on Saturday 16th September donated schooling materials and other things to Children at Regent and Mortormeh, who are temporarily camped at Old Skool Hill Station. The donation targeted children within the 0-10 years bracket with school items, foodstuffs, toiletries, wheelchairs and clothes. They donation included 10 bundles of pampas, 40 school bags, 480 books (80 pages), 150 soaps, 80 boxes of toothpastes, 480 pencils, 120 pens, 80 rulers, 40 toothbrushes, 80 Vaselines, 2 wheelchairs, 120 pairs of socks, 132 underpants, 96 biscuits, 360 sachets of juice, 10 baby oils, 60 chocolates, 120 packets of cheese balls. In total the donation summed up to 2,460 items meant for 50 children, but it was a surprise to see that over 150 children benefitted from the gift.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the club, Emmanuel Pessima addressed the affected children saying “this issue is a concern to all of us and this is what our club can do for now as the money used to buy these items came from our cricket friends and we will continue to bring them when we receive more donations.” “We are sympathizing with all of you and that is why we are offering this donation. “We are all Sierra Leoneans and no one knows tomorrow” he said. Emmanuel further gave thanks to everyone who had donated to their Gofundme account saying “I will always be thankful to these amazing Cricket friends for coming together to support us during hard times. Thanks to former Sierra Leone’s national cricketer, Maynard Cox-George for sorting out the transfer of money from Gofundme to us. Lastly thanks to Ms. Fatmata Ansumana, Registration and Protection Pillar Representative of the Ministry of Social Welfare Gender and Children’s Affairs for putting the data of the children together.”

An affected mother Agnes Kamara also blessed the Kent Cricket Club for the donation to their children, saying they are happy to see Kent Cricket Club supporting them during difficult times. She also thanked the CEO and the club at large. Another mother Aminata Koroma who was also happy to receive the items meant for her children said “even though we are at this unbearable moments in our lives as we had lost our loved ones but we are however happy so see other Sierra Leoneans sympathize with us.”

Most of the children who benefitted from the donations were happy to receive the items, as most of them are school going pupils and the items given to them will help a lot as they start schools in the new academic year. Captain Michael Turay, Logistics Pillar Representative from the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) who was also present at the scene was happy to receive the Kent Cricket family and he thanked them for their donation. He said “they really showed their patriotism to fellow Sierra Leoneans in need”.

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