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Kent Cricket Club has unveiled its new playing kit ahead of their first match in the Sierra Leone Premier League 2016/2017 season. Item fulltext

The Kent cricketers will be seen in their new striking kit when they take the field in their Premier League opening fixture against Old Edwardians Cricket Club on Sunday 4th December, 2016 at the Prince of Wales School Ground, Kingtom. The team will also wear the jersey for all the 10 matches in the Premier League.

The kit supplied by the Twenty20 Community Cricket in England has been designed for the league with unique design features of blue black and red, with the Kent logo on the left side of the kit and the Twenty20 Community Cricket logo on the right side across the chest.

Darren Talbot, Managing Director, Twenty20 Community Cricket, said “We are delighted to continue working with Kent Cricket Club and supplying them with their first ever designed kits, kindly manufactured by Sharks Cricket."

"We are very proud to be supporting the club further after their successful Division One League campaign. Sport is important to many people but for young cricketers in a country torn apart in recent years by war and Ebola it means so much more and we hope they continue to make progress and enjoying playing.”, he added.

Emmanuel Pessima, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kent Cricket Club said: “We are grateful to Twenty20 Community Cricket for their continued support not only at this present time in the Premier league, but also well into the future. “Twenty20 Community Cricket have shown strong support for what the club is trying to achieve with its plans for the future in both the league side and in our efforts to work in the local community", he said.

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