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British Prime Minister Commends Kent for Ebola fight

The British Prime Minister David Cameron has commended Kent Cricket Club (KCC) for the steps they have taken to fight the Ebola Virus in the country. The comments came after the CEO of Kent County Cricket Club, Jamie Clifford in England wrote to the British Prime Minister about the situation in Sierra Leone and the role their partners Kent Cricket Club are playing in the Ebola fight. Responding , to the letter from the Prime Minister’s Office, Baroness Northover, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State thanked Clifford for his letter to the Prime Minister dated 23rd October 2014 about the important work of Kent Cricket Club in Sierra Leone. He went on to say that the Department for International Development (DFID) is leading the UK’s response to the crisis in Sierra Leone. He said in the letter that the scale of this outbreak is unprecedented. The letter also stated that since the early stages of the outbreak, the UK has been working with WHO and NGO partners to defeat Ebola. This he said has rapidly scaled up their response to date. The Under Secretary said UK has committed 230 million pounds to tackle the disease in Sierra Leone. The provision of 700 treatment bed centers, opening 200 community care centers, training of both local and international health workers. Besides these, the UK has committed over 800 Ministry of Defense Personnel to be deployed to help with the establishment of Ebola treatment centers.

Since the outbreak of Ebola in Sierra Leone, the Executive of Kent Cricket Club in their own little way have been sensitizing the people through the media (local and social media) to prevent the spread of Ebola. The Prime Minister said the role of communities and local organizations like Kent Cricket Club is vital to tackle this deadly disease. The letter stated that the worth of such organizations embedded in the local community, is key to ensuring improved communication about the outbreak, enabling communities to understand the disease and empowering them to take steps to prevent the disease. He ended up that they value the efforts of Kent Cricket Club.

The Chief Executive Officer of Kent Cricket Club(KCC) Emmanuel Pessima thanked their partners for their support they’ve been given to them over the past months and hope that such relationship will continue He stated that since their relationship with Kent County Cricket Club, KCC has grown because of their support.

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