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Kent launches partnership with American School in Freetown

The Kent Cricket Club (KCC), Sierra Leone has developed a partnership with the American International School of Freetown (AISF). The partnership is the second formal agreement entered into by the Kent Cricket Club with a private school. The partnership between the two organizations is a very positive and innovative move.

Commenting on the move, Kent Cricket Club Chief Executive, Emmanuel Pessima, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be entering into a partnership with the American International School of Freetown (AISF).

The school has very good indoor facilities for cricket and the players need the best facilities. This is an extraordinary opportunity for us and will give the school, a unique chance to see what is needed to be a cricketer.”

KCC was able to introduce cricket for the very first time to kids at the American International School of Freetown. The first day was more of an introduction, a short video clip about a match between Sussex and Kent in England was played for the kids to watch. After the video clip, the kids were divided into groups to learn the basic principles of catching, throwing and batting with tennis balls. Among them were kids from different countries, those from England, Nepal, America, Australia and so many more.

Edward Gembeh, Middle Science Teacher, at the American International School of Freetown (AISF), said” We are excited to be working closely with the Kent Cricket Club (KCC) to introduce cricket to our kids. It’s a great feat in terms of our own school culture, and our approach to physical exercise. We are looking forward to developing the partnership further in the future and we hope that this is the beginning of a long and exciting partnership with Kent.”

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