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Kent introduces cricket to "The Awada" School in Bo

The Kent Cricket Club (KCC) has completed a successful grassroots coaching clinic in Bo, the second city of Sierra Leone. The coaching clinic took place over the weekend, at the Awada School grounds, Bo City. Kent CEO Emmanuel Pessima and KCC’s coach and volunteer, Salia Kamson Kamara introduced the game to the kids (boys and girls) at “The Awada School”. Just less than a week ago, the Kent Cricket Club (KCC) conducted a successful coaching clinic at the Kissy Police Primary School.

Commenting on the grassroots cricket coaching conducted in Bo, Emmanuel Pessima, Chief Executive & Founder, Kent Cricket Club said, “we had fun in Bo and had the opportunity to meet the Awada School to illustrate, using cricket as the unifying power to bring people and communities together, starting from grass roots.

“We are delighted with the support we got from Ibrahim Pat-Sowe, a friend of mine, who asked us to make a trip to Bo to ensure we can use cricket to help spread joy and peace to children not only in Freetown, but all over Sierra Leone”. I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Aunty Chadia Talib, Madam. Awada and the Awada School for taking time out to allow us introduce cricket in the area” says Emmanuel.

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