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Limeline, Managing Director, Foday Sankoh Unveils Kent Equipment

The Managing Director of Limeline internet service in Sierra Leone, Foday Sankoh on Friday November 8th unveiled Kent Cricket Club (KCC) equipment at Limeline office 10 Howe Street in Freetown.

After unveiling the equipment, Foday Sankoh said they came on board to help KCC in the shipping and clearing, he said they are not doing this to make profit but to develop cricket in Sierra Leone.

He also stated that KCC has done a lot to develop cricket in the country that is why the International Cricket Council (ICC) has recommended the activities of KCC over the past months when they organized the U-12 cricket competition. He reiterated that Limeline is solidly behind the Kent Cricket Club and Emmanuel Pessima with their ambitious plans and endeavor to promote the game at both national and International levels. The Director of Coaching Cricket Excellence, Peter Wellings , who donated the equipment said having seen the efforts put in by Emmanuel Pessima and the Kent Cricket Club to develop cricket in Sierra Leone, I thought we could help with equipment.

My experience in Africa has taught me that the availability of equipment is the biggest barrier to the growth of cricket in those countries compares that to the surplus of kit that we have here in the UK and the west and it’s only right that some of it is sent to where it’s needed most.

He said Coaching Cricket Excellence is not a big company so we can’t send tons and tons of equipment much as we’d like to. “What we can do is meet a specific need for cricket kit and other sporting kit whenever possible. It’s a simple model of collecting bats, pads; balls etc that people may no longer use (some of the kit is given to us new) then finding a way to get it out to Sierra Leone”.

“I’ve been collecting and distributing cricket kit to people and organizations around the world for 6 years now since I first visited Uganda. The kit is usually donated by children, parents, coaches and people associated with Coaching Cricket Excellence in response to requests I make for contributions”. Director Peter said. “The people who donate their equipment deserve enormous amount of credit. We British are pretty generous when it comes to that. To see a bat that was in a storeroom in London being used by a young child in Sierra Leone is a wonderful sight. Long may it continue.” Peter mentioned.

As a result of the contributions Peter Wellings has done to help develop cricket in Sierra Leone, KCC has been able to provide equipment and playing gears to boys and girls in Sierra Leone. Peter also donated used and new cricket equipment to Sierra Leone through KCC in October last year to help develop the game. Tuesday November 12, 2013

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