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KCC Presents report to Limeline

Kent Cricket Club past Saturday has presented their U-12 pair cricket report to their sponsors Lime Line Sierra Leone.

In the report, it stated that in an effort to develop Youth Cricket in Sierra Leone, ‘pairs cricket ‘was played in Sierra Leone 6-14 September at the St Edwards secondary School and the Prince of Wales Secondary school playgrounds in Freetown for boys and girls. Coincidentally, the tournament was held the same week as the ICC cricket week’s celebration.

(Photo: R-L Kent CEO, Emmanuel Pessima presenting the report to Limeline Chairman- Stuart Bentham)

Presenting the full report, the Chief Executive Officer of the Kent Cricket Club Emmanuel Pessima said “Limeline being a premier sponsor of the tournament, it is an obligation for us to present a full report for them to know how their money was spent and also how the game was played, as a club we are transparent and that is why we have presented the full report.”

R-L Kent CEO, Emmanuel Pessima presenting the report to Limeline Chairman- Stuart Bentham.

CEO Pessima also briefed the staff of Limeline and cricketers that were present that apart from the competition the club is also expecting to give scholarship to the players that participating in the competition as part of the club's community development.

Receiving the report, the chairman of Lime Line Sierra Leone’s premier internet service provider Stuart Bentham said he is happy for the report and thanked Kent for a work well done to organize the competition for the youths who are future cricket players. He stated that what they have seen they will always be ready to sponsor Kent Cricket club for the good of the game.

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