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Limeline U-12 Cricket Championship reaches final

Martin Michael and Mark Demos cricket teams have secured a positions in the finals of the ongoing Limeline U-12 Cricket Championship at the Prince of Wales School and the St Edwards Secondary School in Kingtom. Martin Michael won four matches out of five whilst Mark Demos won all five matches. Stuart Bentham will play against Abdul Tejan Cole for the third and fourth positions respectively. For the 5th and 6th positions Darren Talbot will play against Peter Wellings this weekend.

The Managing Director of Internet Service Provider, Lime Line - Foday Sankoh opened the competition at the St Edwards Secondary School in Kingtom with 72 players including boys and girls. Officials and fans in attendance were also in attendance. Sankoh said his company was the prime sponsors of the Sierra Leone Cricket Association (SLCA) and they stand ready to sponsor any group that want to develop sport in the country. He urged the players to be disciplined and to take their education seriously. He said, “I was moved by the turn out of the young players who are the future of this country”.

The chairman of the Kent Cricket Club Emmanuel Pessima thanked Lime Line for their support and promised that “with the sponsorship there will be a new breed of players who’ve been waiting for this opportunity to demonstrate their skills” here. You can insert images and videos by clicking on the icons above.

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