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Female league cricket … Kent to battle with Mid-West tomorrow

As the female Cricket league enters its second week, tomorrow’s encounter in the first match at the Kingtom oval, Kent cricket Club will be playing against Mid-West in the first match. This is a match, Kent cannot afford to lose, after winning one and losing one. They are going to tomorrow’s match to make sure that they secure their second winning.

Meanwhile, their opponent Mid-West is set to create another shocking result for Kent, so that they can lose two matches in a row, which will not be good for the team.

In the second match of the day, Police will engage Stadium Stars who Cricket fans have tipped to win the league, as they have a very good team compared to the other teams in the league. On Sunday at the same venue, Stadium Stars will play against Mid-West in the first match and in the second match, Kent will engage Police and the league will continue next weekend.

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