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Kenemmanjane changes name to Kent

Kenemmanjane Cricket Club (KCC) Sierra Leone has unanimously agreed to rename the club. At a special general meeting held at the Club Secretariat in Freetown, it was deemed necessary by members, that the club now be named, the “Kent Cricket Club” effective 1st of April, 2013.

This change will be effected in all subsequent documents, while all documents bearing the former name “Kenemmanjane” Cricket Club remain valid. The change of name is part of a rebranding effort which reflects the club’s rapid growth and transformation over the years.

“This name change does not in any way affect the Club’s vision and strategy nor its acronym, KCC,” the KCC Founder, Emmanuel Pessima clarified.

Founder Pessima went on to express their happiness that prominent Sierra Leoneans had been employed by the KCC, who, the club was sure would bring further improvement into the club, which would help to develop it and the youths of the community. That, he explained, would bring about improvement in the cricket discipline in Sierra Leone. At that point, Founder Pessima took time to clarify some of the amendments that had been made to the KCC constitution.

He went further to make it known that the club’s organizational structure had also gone through some slight scrutiny in order to facilitate the rapid implementation of the club’s Strategic Plan. Consequently, he explained, the new Board Members were charged with the responsibility of advising the Executive, while the latter would carry out the day-to-day running of the KCC’s activities.

He disclosed that the Chairman would preside over the Board Members, while the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) presides over the Executive Members. Dr. Bob Thomas and Abdul Tejan Cole would serve as Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board, respectively. The other Board Members include: Dr. Sahr John Kpundeh, Dr. Godfrey Sam-Aggrey, Bowenson Fredrick Phillips and Omoduni George (Mrs.).

Emmanuel Pessima has been made Chief Executive Officer and Sahr Morris Jr., the Secretary General, Bernard Turay-Treasurer, Patrick M Kamara-Welfare Officer, Bockarie Allieu-Public Relations Officer, Musa Sam Ganda-Women and Girls Officer.

Despite the financial challenges, the club has grown dramatically over the past months; its women’s team won Bronze at the last Sierra Leone National Women’s T20 Cricket League, 2012.

The success of the club continues to be driven by the club’s strong leadership skills and vision. The club’s Vice Chairman, Abdul Tejan-Cole, has made countless contributions to the club; he played a major role in the acquisition of the equipment that the club received last year from Coaching Cricket Excellence in the UK.

“Our focus on providing integrated learning and talent solutions reflects the growing recognition among Sierra Leoneans. Our work is all targeted at helping young Sierra Leoneans build their capability for the future and improve their cricket performance through the development of robust talent pipelines and by closing skills gaps,” concluded Founder Pessima.

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